Three Situations When You Always Need An Auto Accident Lawyer

Although you seldom need an attorney for a small fender bender. However, there are other situations where though it may not seem like you need an attorney, you do. The following are just a few situations when you should not hesitate to call an attorney.

Your injury causes you to miss work

You have sustained a minor injury, but due to the nature of your job, you are unable to work until the injury heals itself. For example, you have an injured foot, and the doctor has told you it will take a couple of weeks to heal. But your job involves a lot of walking, so you will be out of work for two weeks. You won't be able to collect workers' compensation because the injury didn't happen at work, and the duration of the healing process is certainly too short for disability. However, you still have bills and living expenses to pay. You may have paid sick leave that can cover the time you'll need off. You may even be able to take vacation time, but since it was the driver's fault for your injury, you are entitled to compensation for missed work.

Your injuries require rehabilitation

Often an insurance company will pay your initial medical expenses, but the real problem is when follow up is needed in the form of rehabilitation. The medical bill for this can be quite high, and there is no way you can trust an insurance company to give you a fair amount, even if they are inclined to pay you any money at all. An auto accident attorney has experience in knowing how expensive various forms of rehabilitation will cost over specific periods of time. An attorney can help you get the money for your physical therapy.

The insurance company has made an offer

Sometimes, before you have a chance to think about how much money you require for compensation, an insurance representative has already offered you a settlement. They may go so far as to have a check made out and ready to cash. When this happens, you can be sure that you have a strong case. You can be equally sure that the amount being offered is much lower than you are entitled to. At this point you need legal representation. Do not accept the check or sign any documents.

Although minor damage to your car in an accident will seldom require an attorney, any time you sustain an injury that affects your ability to do your job or pay your bills, you should contact an auto accident lawyer. Likewise, if you face physical therapy after the accident, an attorney can assist in estimating the costs. And always remember to never accept a settlement offer without discussing it with a lawyer.