Multiple Denials Shouldn't Deter You From Disability Benefits

Suffering from a debilitating accident may make disability payments an important part of your financial future. However, Social Security is very liberal with their denials and may cause serious complications in your life. But even if you have suffered from multiple denials, a disability attorney may be able to help you out here.

Denials Are Not Uncommon For Disability

The unfortunate truth about disability is that a large number of claims are denied right away. In fact, it is estimated that anywhere from 60-70 percent of all first claims are denied. Most of the time, these denials are easily explained to help you better understand what happened. Then, you can apply for an appeal to try to get the money you need.

However, reconsiderations are denied at a rate of up to 85 percent. That means only 15 percent of that initially denied 60-70 percent get their benefits after their first attempt at appeal. Understanding why these denials happen is important because it can showcase what you are doing wrong and help you build up a strong case with a disability attorney.

Why Denials Occur

Denials of disability are often complex and may be confusing to the average person. For example, you can't make more than $1,090 per month or you won't qualify. However, you also have to have a specific number of work credits to qualify. So in a way, you can be penalized for working too much and also for working too little.

It is also possible that you simply made mistakes in your paperwork that Social Security caught. When this happens, they have no choice but to deny your claim. Even worse, they may not believe that your disability is serious enough to deserve payment. Thankfully, you can get help for this situation.

Benefits Of A Disability Attorney

If you have tried to get disability multiple times and you still can't receive it, you need to contact a disability attorney right away. These legal specialists understand all the complications that can occur when trying to get disability. They can also work for you for a small fee and will only receive money if you win. In fact, they can win no more than $6,000 of your past-due benefits.

As a result, it is worth talking to an attorney to see what they can do to help your case. They may find that you simply aren't doing your paperwork properly and are setting yourself up for failure. However, they may also find that other confusing situations are affecting you and are costing you the money that you should be getting.

So if you believe you qualify for disability and want to get the money that you deserve, contact a disability attorney right away. These professionals will work hard to get you money and will find a way to do so in an efficient and cost-effective way.