Fighting A Ticket For An Invalid Driver's License

If you are running to the store or leaving your home to go just a few miles, you may only bring the necessities with you. If you forget your purse or bag, you may find that you do not actually have all of your paperwork on you. Being pulled over and realizing you do not have your physical driver's license on you can mean a ticket. In some places, you will get a non-moving violation. In other areas, you will find yourself with a higher cost ticket. For those who have received a ticket for not having their license on their person, there are ways to get the charge dismissed or taken down. 

Bring your license to traffic court

In court, some judges are willing to dismiss a ticket for not having a license, if you can prove that you had one at the time of operation. To prove this, order a copy of your driving record report from your state Department of Motor Vehicles. Bring your driving record and your valid license with you to court. The judge may take into account that you did not have your physical copy with you, but you are licensed to drive your car and dismiss the ticket if it is the first violation. 

As a traffic lawyer to fight the case

For those who cannot have a record of any tickets, any driving ticket can become a problem. Those who drive for a living, whether as a professional semi truck driver or a chaffer, can get into trouble if they have any marks against their driving record. If this is your situation, you should hire a traffic lawyer to fight to have the ticket dismissed. They may be able to keep the violation off of your record so that you can continue with your professional career without any hiccups.  

Ask for the ticket to be taken down to a parking violation

Parking violations rarely count against any record. Insurance companies most often don't take parking tickets into account when determining insurance rates. As long as parking tickets are paid, you will be able to keep your driving record intact. Many judges will be understanding about the fact that you forgot your license when only a few miles away from your home. Parking tickets are also more affordable, so you won't find that your monthly budget is broken by the ticket, unlike a usual traffic violation.