How To Find An Empathetic Personal Injury Attorney

It is unfortunate to find yourself hurt on another person's property or in a car accident. It is even worse when the injury is because of negligence on their part. Friendships and family ties can be severely tested during such a case, and your only ally may be your personal injury attorney.

This makes finding an empathetic personal injury or auto accident attorney a high stakes decision. It is a very important that the attorney is able to represent your case with compassion. When looking for such an attorney, the following five qualities should be your focal point:

Are They Nurturing?

A nurturing person is sincere and is usually able to relate to your pain, perhaps because of their personal pain or loss. This quality allows them to put themselves in your shoes. An attorney that exhibits sincerity and has undergone personal tragedy can empathize and nurture a client until the verdict and beyond.

Are They Good Communicators?

Nothing communicates lack of empathy like a poor listener. A personal injury attorney must be able to listen without interruptions, and engage with the client while taking into account their distress.

To achieve this, the attorney needs to be considerate yet candid so that all the relevant information to the case is made available. Considering how accusatory and punitive a personal injury case is, it is important that the attorney can read the tone and body language of the client in order to momentarily stop a line a questioning before the client gets agitated.

Are They Emotionally Available?

Listening skills are needed by all types of attorneys. However, personal injury attorneys need to take their skills a bit further by being emotionally available. This should not be confused with being emotionally invested in the client.

Being emotionally available means that the attorney can relate to the client's feelings of stress, grief, loss, and pain. Recollecting the details surrounding the personal injury can be very distressing for clients and patience and compassion is needed during this time.

Some clients will hide embarrassing details or embellish the truth to appear a certain way to the auto accident attorney. A relationship of trust and resilience is imperative to enable the process to go smoothly.

Are They Culturally Savvy?

Personal injury knows no culture, race or gender. However, a personal injury attorney needs to be able to understand the role of culture, race, and gender in a client's life. Some cultures do not allow grief to be shared with anyone outside the family, a person of the opposite sex or a different religious inclination.

It is incumbent upon the attorney to alleviate any distrust or reservations such a client may have with them to enable the client to openly share details of their injury. This may require having to share their story of loss or tragedy that the client can relate to.

While it is necessary to be vigilant with the facts and the representation plan, empathy can get you more from a difficult conversation with a client than statistics and legal jargon. Personal injury attorneys cannot afford to be detached. If they are, they have already lost the case because they are unable to give their client the best representation.

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