Discrimination Myths Debunked

It is a reality that individuals can find themselves the victim of a bigot. When another person's bigotry violates another's rights, it may be possible for the victim to pursue a discrimination lawsuit. While these lawsuits will not undo the embarrassment and sense of violation that was experienced, they can allow individuals to pursue damages. Yet, individuals often overlook their legal rights in discrimination cases as they may sincerely believe several misconceptions.

Myth: Discrimination Laws Are the Same Nationwide

Many people are under the misconception that discrimination laws are the same in every state. While there are some national discrimination laws, there are many states and even cities that offer further protections to protected classes. For example, there are some jurisdictions that offer protections for individuals that identify as transgender while others do not. Due to this, it is important to consult with an attorney when you suspect that you may have been the victim of discrimination. As these individuals will have a thorough understanding of the local statutes, which will help you to understand the relative strength of your case.

Myth: Discrimination Laws Only Apply to Housing

Housing discrimination can be one of the more insidious forms of discrimination as it can make it extremely difficult for some families to find homes. As a result, there are strict protections in place for individuals that are looking to buy or rent housing.

However, there are also strong protections in place to prevent workplace discrimination as well as discrimination when interacting with businesses. These protections help to ensure that individuals are able to pursue legal actions when their rights are violated. Unfortunately, it can be fairly difficult to prove any type of discrimination without evidence. Therefore, you should make sure to collect any correspondences, save any voicemails or any other items that can be used to show that discrimination occurred.

Myth: It Will Be Expensive to Hire an Attorney Specializing in Discrimination Cases

Another reason why individuals may avoid hiring an attorney to pursue these cases is that they fear the costs that may be involved. While it is true that you will need to pay your attorney's fees, these professionals will often employ a contingency billing option. This will allow you to defer paying their expenses until the case is resolved and compensation collected. Therefore, your ability to pursue justice against those that have discriminated against you will not be impeded by your financial limitations.

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