A Business Law Attorney Can Help With A Variety Of Situations

A business law attorney can assist just about any kind of business with a variety of different things. Whether you are a new business and want to get started on the right foot or you are an established business that suddenly needs help, here's why you should reach out to a local business attorney

Decide On the Right Structure 

If you are just getting started as a business, you may need to decide what type of structure you will use out of the gate. A sole proprietorship is common when there is only one person running the business, but perhaps yours is more complex. Your attorney can go over the benefits of using an LLC, a partnership, or deciding to set up a corporation.

Employment and Vendor Contracts

If you are a new business, giving every new employee and vendor a contract on Day One can help protect your interests. If you are an established business but do not have any contracts in writing, the best time to write those contracts was yesterday but the second best time is right now. An attorney can bring your business up to speed to provide you with security and peace of mind.

Review Your Lease Agreement

If your business is renting out a space in order to conduct business, you will likely have yet another contract to sign. A business law attorney can look over your lease agreement and let you know if it all looks pretty standard or if there is something going on that is worth calling out before you sign on the dotted line.

Protect Your IP

A new or growing business will likely have lots of intellectual property being created on a regular basis. Your attorney can help file for copyright or otherwise work to protect your company's precious IP. This could also include helping you write up non-disclosure agreements for employees or third parties to sign before they are allowed to see what you have in development.

Keep Up With Laws and Regulations

You always follow the law when you know about it, but with business, there can be all kinds of things you just don't know. You might not be an expert on tax law or employment law in your state for example. A business law attorney will be more familiar with or can put you in touch with someone who can serve as an expert for you.

Defend Your Interests

If your company is ever sued, having a lawyer already at your side can be quite beneficial. Contact a business law attorney today so you are prepared to defend your interests if you ever find yourself facing legal scrutiny.