Summer Camp And Your Child Is Hurt: What To Know

Summertime, particularly given what many have been through in the past few years, is supposed to be a time of fun and carefree relaxation. If you are like many parents, those things call for sending your child to summer camp. These camping opportunities may be back, but how safe is your child and what should you do when an accident occurs? Read on for more. 

Who is Responsible for Your Child's Safety?

When you leave your child with the camp's counselors, you expect them to be well cared for while they are at the camp. Most camps do a very good job of making safety for both the employees and the children a top priority. Safety is such a big issue, in fact, that many camps even include safety in the camp curriculum. When it comes down to it, the camp is almost overwhelmingly responsible for what occurs once you leave the campground area. To go further, the camp is legally liable for your child's safety in most cases.

Children Inhabit a Protected Space

While adults are expected to take care of themselves as they move through life, children are not. They cannot be expected to understand the ramifications of their actions in all situations. They are built and designed to test limits, explore the unknown, and take risks that can be unwise. That means others must be held liable for their actions in some cases.

Those responsible must prevent problems by:

  • Identifying hazards
  • Preventing access to hazards
  • Warning about hazards

And more.

When Camp Goes Wrong

Unfortunately, the very people who should be watching over your child may not even be employed at the camp. Widespread employment shortfalls are everywhere, and camps may not have an adequate roster of employees to monitor your child and keep them safe. Inadequate supervision can lead to accidents, some of them so serious as to be fatal for the child.

Even if the camp your child is attending is properly staffed, safety measures can be slipshod enough to create dangerous safety issues. Additionally, the very thing that makes camps so attractive can also create problems. Water access, fires, ziplining, projects, and field trips all contain the potential for accidents.

Speak to an Attorney

If your child has been hurt at camp, speak to a personal injury lawyer for advice. Don't let the liability waiver you probably signed stop you from taking action against the camp. Find out more by seeking legal representation.