Determining Liability In A Truck Accident Is Key In The Courtroom

When you get into an accident that results in injury to you or your loved ones and it's clear that the other driver was at fault, your attempt to receive financial compensation for their negligence might seem straightforward at first. However, things can get complicated quickly if the accident involved a big rig or commercial vehicle. There could be multiple factors or individuals involved when it comes to who is responsible for a commercial truck that caused an accident. For best results, you should hire a truck injury lawyer. Here are just some of the scenarios to consider when trying to figure out liability as well as who should provide financial compensation after you have sustained injury.

The Driver May Have Made a Mistake But That Might Not Be the Best Target

If the driver fell asleep at the wheel or clearly made a bad maneuver with the vehicle, you might think going after this person in court would be the first move. But what if the driver was tired because they were asked to work overtime? The driver may have been at fault, but the driver likely doesn't have the means for a payout like their employer. The driver of the truck can be an option when considering liability, but you might not want to make this person your primary target for a lawsuit.

The Truck Company Can Be Liable If the Commercial Vehicle Was Not in Good Condition

Beyond forcing its drivers to work too many shifts, a truck company could also be held liable if it's discovered that the vehicle did not receive regular maintenance or if the truck company knew there were issues with critical pieces of equipment but didn't do enough to make the vehicle safe to drive. A truck accident lawyer may be able to help you obtain maintenance and repair records for this purpose.

Whoever Loaded the Cargo Can Be Liable If a Load Was Not Properly Secured

Was the big rig that hit you carrying a heavy load that caused the truck to do something unexpected? Did part of the load fall out of the truck and cause the accident? In this scenario, the company or firm that loaded the cargo onto the truck for the driver might be responsible. Understandable, the driver is also responsible for ensuring a load is secure before getting behind the wheel, but there may be another company besides just the trucking firm that holds some liability.

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