2 Pieces Of Information To Give Your Personal Injury Attorney After A Work Accident

Getting hurt at any time can be a real problem, but when you add in getting injured on the job, it can turn into a massive snafu. There are all kinds of things that you are going to have to deal with if you are injured at work, including who is going to pay for your injuries, medical care, and time you have to spend off work. Ideally, your employer and their worker's comp insurance company will have no problems with paying you the money you may be entitled to, but the ideal situation isn't always the real situation. You may have problems getting your money, which is when you need to turn to an attorney for help. A personal injury attorney can help you with your case. You will need to provide them some information to help them help you. 

Your Account

You will want to give any potential attorneys your account of what happened in the accident. It would be better if you wrote it down because the act of writing can help you put things in order and help you to make sense of what happened. You may want to actually write out two versions of the account. One version should be a concise overview of all the pertinent details. That copy you can give to attorneys while you are interviewing them before hiring them. The other should be a longer, more involved version of what happened. Your chosen attorney can use that as a reference while they are working on your case. 

Medical Information

You will also need to make sure that you give your attorney all your medical information. That includes the records from all of the medical stuff that resulted from your accident, from the initial treatment all the way through the current treatment. You should also give your attorney information about your health insurance and what they may have paid out for your injuries. If you can get copies of your medical records from before the accident, your attorney can review them and compare them to what you were like before you get hurt. You may also want to sign releases with your doctor so that they can talk to your attorney about your situation. 

If you have been injured at work, you may be entitled to money from worker's compensation. If they don't pay, you can go to a personal injury attorney and have them help you with your case and help you recover what you may be entitled to. To learn more, contact a personal injury service