What Can You Do If You're Struck By A Falling Object While Walking Downtown?

If you're walking downtown and are injured when a falling object hits you, you need to take immediate action. You likely have a personal injury claim to cover your medical bills and lost wages, but you'll have to be able to prove what happened in court. Here's what you need to do.

Get Witness Information

If you're walking in a crowded area, there's a good chance that someone either saw you get hit or at least saw you holding your head in pain with an object on the ground next to you. Make sure you get their contact information. This will help you to prove when and where your accident occurred if the responsible party later tries to deny what happened.

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

Go to a doctor as soon as possible. This is both to document the severity of your injuries as well as when they happened. If you wait, the other party could try to argue that you were injured somewhere else.

Even if you think you're fine, go for a checkup anyway. Concussions and other injuries can take time to show symptoms. In addition to documenting any injuries, you also want to know if you aren't actually OK before you develop symptoms.

Take Pictures

Even though the accident already happened, taking pictures can still help you make your claim. They can show where the object might have fallen from or what dangerous conditions might have been present.

This is especially true if you were walking under temporary scaffolding or ladders. If the construction project finishes before you need evidence, you may not even realize where the object fell from if you go back to the scene after the temporary equipment was removed. Even if you knew what happened at the time, without pictures, the property owner might argue there was no way something could fall on you where you said you were standing.

Figure Out Who's Responsible

You need to know who was responsible to sue them in court. This will often mean going to the courthouse and looking up property records to find out who owns the building. If construction work was or is going on, write down any company names on signs or nearby trucks. Even if you don't identify the exact person, once you identify someone who may have been responsible, they will often point out the responsible party to defend themselves.

If you've been injured by a falling object, contact personal injury lawyer services to get help seeking a full recovery for your injuries.