How To Safely Divorce A Spouse With Anger Issues

Being married to someone with anger issues is very challenging. Unfortunately, getting divorced from one is not a walk in the park either. Whether or not the decision to get the divorce is mutual, a person with anger issues can act irrationally if the case is not going their way. This presents many challenges to you since you'll need to act in a manner that protects your interests without putting yourself in harm's way.

Talk To Your Attorney If You Feel Unsafe

The most important thing when getting divorced from someone with anger issues is to ensure you and your children are safe. Someone with anger issues can pose a serious threat to you and your children. If you believe that your life or that of your children is in danger, talk to your divorce lawyer immediately, and they'll advise you on how to proceed.

Unfortunately, moving out immediately may not be a viable option and could even work against you when the decision on custody is made. Your attorney can explore ways of safeguarding you and your kids, such as getting a restraining order against your spouse.

Get Your Finances In Order Before Filing For Divorce

Angry spouses can do anything to get back at you during the divorce. Whether it's limiting your access to marital assets or blowing through your joint savings, you should be ready for anything. Ensure your name is on all marital assets before filing the divorce. If possible, transfer some money to a separate account so you have something to live off of. Consider getting a job if you were previously unemployed.

Don't Make The Situation Worse

A spouse with anger issues can be a tinderbox. They may do something in an attempt to frustrate or annoy you. Some spouses try to get a restraining order so they can have you removed from the house or to ensure they get sole custody. Don't do or say anything that can justify such allegations or make things worse.

Limit Communication But Don't Eliminate It

Communication between divorcing spouses should always be limited. However, if your spouse has anger issues, this is even more important. Such a spouse might be looking for a reason to go off on you. A social media post can be as good as reason as any. Limit communications to emails and discussions between attorneys to avoid confrontations with your ex whenever possible. These communications should also be limited to topics such as your children.