3 Measures To Take When Dealing With A Worker's Compensation Claim

Getting injured on the job is a nightmare scenario for most, and it happens a lot. Fortunately, worker's compensation is available for these work-related injuries until you've made a full recovery. In order to get the most out of these claims, you'll want to take these measures. 

Choose the Right Doctor 

When seeking medical treatment, you typically have the choice to use the insurance company's doctor or one that you personally select. The former option becomes tricky because there may be a conflict of interest, since the doctor works for the insurance company. They may not provide the best medical advice or deem your injuries as minor, so that money doesn't come out of the insurance company's wallet. 

Choosing your own doctor, however, ensures you get an unbiased evaluation regarding the extent of your injuries. They are only concerned about your well being, regardless of how much money it costs insurance companies. 

Promptly Report Your Injury

After getting the correct medical treatment, you'll want to report the incident immediately to an on-duty supervisor or manager. Even if your injury seems minor, you need to make an official report because your symptoms may only worsen with time. 

Failing to make this report promptly after the incident could lead to a myriad of problems, such as missing important legal deadlines. Additionally, waiting too long could make it difficult to remember relevant details that are crucial for winning the claim. 

It should be noted that claim deadlines vary by state, so you'll want to immediately check with your state's legislation to avoid missing an important window. 

Hire a Worker's Compensation Attorney 

There are a lot of legal terminology and systems you may not be adept at handling during this time. Seeking help from a worker's compensation attorney may be the best course of action for expediting the claims process. They'll help you fill out the necessary forms and double-check to make sure your application is free of errors. 

A worker's comp lawyer can also work with your doctor to gather the necessary evidence, proving the accident did happen and that your injuries are severe. Such evidence goes a long way in having your claim approved the first time. 

Initially after getting injured at work, you may worry about how you're going to provide for you and your family. When you respond quickly and seek legal counsel, though, you can better your odds of winning the claim and moving on with your life. Contact a firm, like Shay & Associates, for more help.