Not Sure If You Need A Real Estate Attorney? Real Life Situations That Require One

Real estate attorneys operate on several different legal levels. If you are having problems related to your property, you may be wondering if you need a real estate attorney. Here are some real life situations that require a real estate attorney, which may help clarify your current situation.


If your home is being foreclosed upon, you can bet that your lender has a real estate lawyer involved. If you want to contest the foreclosure and fight to keep your home, you will need your own lawyer. The lender's lawyer will be working to close your foreclosure faster so that you have to get out of the home and it can be sold to turn a profit. Your lawyer will slow the process down with appeals and stays so that you can come up with enough money to rescue your home from foreclosure. Without your own lawyer, you may find that you are out of the house faster than you are able to find boxes to pack.

Legal Witness and Notary Services

If you are buying a house, a real estate lawyer will be present at the signing of the documents and transfer of title. This lawyer is there primarily for the lender, but if you have questions regarding the documents in front of you, the lawyer can answer them. This lawyer will also provide notary services verifying that the documents have all been signed legally and that the transfer of property has been successfully completed. The lawyer then files the paperwork for you, the buyer, and the lender.

Lawsuits with Previous Owners

Stranger things have happened, including being sued by the legitimate owners of your current property. If you were scammed by someone pretending to be the owners and you thought you were buying your home and property only to find out that this is not true, you will need a lawyer. Copies of the documents you signed may hold up in court, granting you ownership of property the real owners did not even know was being sold out from under them. The original owners may still sue you to regain their home and property, which leads to real estate litigation. In such a sticky case as this, both parties need lawyers to look at the sale documents and present evidence in court. 

You may also be sued by heirs of the previous owners who are not happy that they did not inherit the house. This really makes your situation complicated, but good legal counsel can sort it out. Whatever the bizarre circumstance regarding your home, talk to a real estate lawyer to see what you can do.