Did Another Child Hurt Your Child At The Neighbors And Now You Have Medical Bills? What To Do

If your child was at your neighbor's house and they got hurt because the neighbor's child did something violent, you want to talk with a personal injury attorney. If your child had to go to the ER for broken bones, surgery, or for any other medical treatment, you shouldn't have to pay these costs.

You want to talk with a personal injury lawyer in your area to see what your options are for getting the money back, and for getting compensation for the injury. Here are some things you should consider bringing with you when it's time to meet with the lawyer.

Statement of the Incident

If your child was pushed off a piece of play equipment, hurt on a trampoline, or physically assaulted, you want to make a police report of the incident right away. This doesn't mean that you are going to press any type of criminal charges, but it just means that you want to have the incident documented for legal purposes. Bring a copy of this report if you haven't already made it to your appointment.

Medical Expenses

Compile all the different medical expenses you have from the injury, including the emergency medical care, follow up doctor's visits, image scanning costs and prescription medications. These medical bills shouldn't be your responsibility, even if you have insurance and you only have to pay the co-pay. The lawyer will want to get you this money back, and more.

List of Other Financial Burdens

There are a lot of financial burdens you may have faced with the injuries, like missing time from work, having to find someone to watch your child if they couldn't get to school and more. You should make a list of all the other financial burdens you had to deal with because of the injury so the lawyer can add that in the list of expenses the neighbor's owe you.

When the lawyer puts the case together they may go after the homeowner's insurance company to get the money, if the neighbors decide they want to make an insurance claim for the incident. You shouldn't feel guilty because another child hurt your child intentionally, and you don't think that you should have to pay for all the medical expenses. There are many lawyers that can get the case put together quickly for you, so you can quickly get reimbursed for the money that you put out, and for your attorney fees. Contact a lawyer, such as Todaro David M Co LPA , for more information.