3 Ways To Prove Medical Malpractice

If you've sought medical treatment in the past and feel you were harmed rather than helped, you may be able to file a malpractice lawsuit against the provider. Studies indicate that 225,000 people die annually because of medical mistreatment. If you're dealing with an injury or fatality due to this reason, you will want to know the things that are necessary for you to prove you have a malpractice case.

Relationship existed

You must prove that there was a relationship between you and the doctor or hospital that you're suing. This could be done by providing written documentation of a bill or a receipt that shows you did see this medical provider in person.

You can't simply sue because you didn't like the advice given to you at an event or party outside of a medical office by an individual that is a doctor.


In order to file a legal claim against an individual or facility you sought for treatment, there must be proof that you weren't given the right standard of medical care. This means you will need to prove the doctor caused you harm and listed below are some instances when this could occur:

1. Wrong medication – If you were given a prescription that didn't treat your condition and caused it to get worse.

2. Injury – For example, this could include passing out while in a doctor's office or hospital and injuring yourself without being attended to as necessary.

3. Anesthesia – If you or a loved one were undergoing surgery and were given the wrong amount of anesthesia, this could cause an injury or even death in some cases.

Specific damages

One of the reasons that many providers are faced with a legal action is because the wrong medical treatment led to damages that caused significant financial losses or pain.

Listed below are some of these reasons:

1.  Physical pain – Being forced to live with pain due to the wrong actions of a medical provider.

2.  Emotional anguish – Suffering from mental distress due to medical mistreatment.

3. Lost wages – If you've been unable to work because of your injury.

If you feel you have a strong malpractice case, you should take the time to speak with a legal professional. This can help you determine the strength of it. Be sure to consult with a law firm that can help guide you through this legal process with ease. 

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