Estate Planning A Must For A Second Marriage

If you are getting remarried and you want to make sure that your children get anything that you would want to leave behind, meet with an estate planning lawyer. This legal professional can help you make sure everything is order if something were to happen.

It may not be that you want to leave your new spouse out of your will, but it's just that you had a life before them, and you can make stipulations to the plans as needed. You may also need to create a prenuptial agreement with your lawyer. It's best to have everything in writing, and you want to make sure you include the following three details.

Power of Attorney

If something happened to you and you were in a hospital bed, who would you want making all the calls? Would you want your new spouse to be the decision maker, or would you prefer it to be someone like your sibling or child. Keep in mind that it could be a lot of pressure to put on a child, but a sibling or close relative is often a good choice.

Money and Assets

If you have worked for many years before you've met this new person, you may not want them to get the money you've earned, or the assets you've purchased. You can make sure that everything goes to your children, even though you were married, and that you divide your assets as you wish. This will eliminate all confusion when the time comes, and your spouse doesn't have to fight with your children.

Final Wishes

You may want to be buried with a first spouse, or you may have final wishes that your future spouse doesn't agree with or know about. To make sure everything will go as you want it to, than put it in your will and estate plan. If you don't want anything at all to conserve money, the lawyer will see your wishes through.

It can be difficult deciding what you want to leave your spouse in a second marriage, but you don't want to do something you'll regret. Make sure that you talk with the estate planning lawyer about what you want your will to look like, and ask if you need to compile a prenuptial agreement before you get married to protect all of your things. With legal documentation you don't have to worry about problems. Talk to experts like LeBaron & Jensen, P.C. for more information.