4 Signs That You May Be Facing Discrimination At Work

Being discriminated against for your age, race, sex, disability or any other thing can be one of the worst things that a person can go through. Unfortunately, the signs aren't always obvious, and some people never take necessary action against their employers for discriminating against them. Luckily, a good employment attorney can help you if you're going through this type of situation, but you have to know the signs first. If you find yourself dealing with any of these things at work, then now is the time to seek the assistance of an employment attorney who specializes in these types of cases.

1. Others in the Same Position Get Paid More

Although you can expect those who have been working at your place of employment longer than you have or who have more responsibilities to get paid more, you should be getting paid similarly to others who do the same job and have been in the same position for a similar length of time. Although it might not be appropriate to ask your coworkers how much they get paid, if you hear through the grapevine that you're making the least, you may want to talk to an employment lawyer about it.

2. You Feel Like You Are the Butt of Workplace Jokes

Have you ever been told to "lighten up" or "take a joke" when hearing jokes about your sex or about your race? The workplace isn't a place for discriminatory jokes, and you shouldn't feel as if you are being picked on, even if it's being done under the premise of a "joke."

3. Your Employer is Stricter On Your Than On Anyone Else

If you find that your coworkers aren't reprimanded for the same things that you're reprimanded for, there's a chance that discrimination could be at play. For example, if your coworkers are late for work on a daily basis and never get in trouble, but you get reprimanded for being just a few minutes late one time, then it could be a cause for concern.

4. You Get Passed Up for Promotions That You're Clearly Qualified For

Getting passed up for one promotion isn't a big deal. If you find that you're consistently passed over for promotions that you're clearly qualified for, especially if the candidates don't have your credentials or haven't been with the company as long as you have, then discrimination could be at play.

Don't ignore these signs if you find yourself dealing with them at work. Instead, contact a good employment attorney who can help you through this situation.