5 Of The Most Serious Traffic Violations

Many people have been pulled over and issued a speeding ticket at some point in their lives, but there are a number of other types of traffic violations that you can by cited for, and some of them can be quite serious. Some traffic violations are categorized as misdemeanors or felonies; if you are cited with a misdemeanor or felony traffic violation, it is in your best interest to retain the services of an experienced lawyer:

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)/ Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)

In most states. DUI and DWI are taken very seriously, and if you are charged with either of these offenses you face the possibility of fines, a suspended driver's license, and jail or prison time. In some cases, a DUI/DWI may be a misdemeanor, but repeat or "extreme" DUIs (driving with an extremely high blood alcohol level) may be felonies. It is highly recommended that you get a lawyer if you have been charged with DUI or DWI.

Hit and Run/ Leaving the Scene of an Accident

Part of the responsibility of being a driver is being accountable for your actions, and this includes staying at the scene of any accident that you are involved in, whether it is with other vehicles or pedestrians, until law enforcement arrives. If you leave the scene, especially if you have caused injury or bodily harm to another person, you will most likely find yourself in a lot of trouble.

Vehicular Homicide

You can be charged with vehicular homicide if you cause the death of another person while you are driving due to recklessness, negligence, or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Vehicular homicide is a very serious charge, and the repercussions often include large fines and time in prison. It is essential to hire a lawyer if you are currently going through a vehicular homicide case.

Street Racing

Street racing is against the law in most states because it presents a great risk to other drivers on the road. Partaking in this activity is very dangerous, as it is easy to lose control of a vehicle when driving at high speeds. This type of traffic violation is typically a misdemeanor, and you can expect to pay a stiff fine, and face possible jail time if you are convicted.

Reckless Driving

Drivers are expected to operate their vehicles safely while on the road; reckless driving is a crime that is typically a misdemeanor, but if your reckless driving causes bodily injury or property damage there is the possibility that your actions can lead to felony charges.

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